Summer 2016 – Technical breakfast

This summer and fall, we propose to our Clients to have a technical breakfast, nice way to share expertise and feed-back.

This technical breakfast is a nice opportunity to share French Croissants and around 2 hours of specific technical subjects. Example of topics already proposed:

    • Scope & Link between HSE Reviews, input/output of each review
    • Software for HSE reviews
    • Double Jeopardy concept : from fantasy to reality
    • Typical mistakes during HAZOP review
    • SIL & LOPA, not a black box, a concept
    • Risk analysis in HSE reviews, how to consider safeguards
    • Design intent & Final element, key elements to SIL success

You are or you are not yet HazOptima’s Client? In both cases do not hesitate to ask for your dedicated technical breakfast.